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The Oldbag Apocalypse - Ch. 13
The patrol burst into the main room to find everyone gathering supplies for the dangerous mission. Phoenix and Maya were packing food, Madeline was shoving other things into a smaller bag with her one good hand, a sturdy-looking coil of rope hanging from her broken arm, and Edgeworth was standing in the corner with an unreadable expression on his face, watching the proceedings. They all looked up sharply as the trio entered, out of breath, faces pale.
"Did you find anything?" Madeline asked, her gray eyes widening as she took in the group's dishevelled state.
"Y-yes, but-" Ema began, but she couldn't seem to get the rest of the words out. Her eyes looked haunted by what she'd just witnessed.
"Great, so we can leave tomorrow morning," Madeline said firmly, including Edgeworth in her gaze as she continued packing her bag.
"No, Madeline." Kay had recovered herself faster than the other two. "We need to go now."
"N-now?" Edgeworth repeated faintly from the corner, his face turning a
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The Oldbag Apocalypse - Ch. 12
Creeping out of the prison gates and into an area that was strangely quiet despite being infested by a multitude of Pink Badgers was, to all involved, terrifying.
They'd of course taken precautions. They knew that above all, the Oldbags longed for Edgeworth, and any association with him was going to land them into a world of trouble. If one cravat could cause a broken arm, then the situation was dire enough to make them wary. After each took a quick shower and put on some freshly washed spare guard uniforms, they felt confident enough that they'd disguised any trace of the prosecutor on them.
Hopefully, that would not make them a target.
Upon hearing the creaking of the gate, the badger heads turned towards them. The few Oldbags that did have their faces exposed initially expressed anger at being disturbed, then only mild interest. Finally, presumably upon realising that the object they desired was not present and that the prison gates were yet again closed, they ignored the newcomers.
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The Oldbag Apocalypse - Ch. 11
Madeline was lying on the table, allowing her arm to be X-rayed and trying not to wriggle too much. She winced as the medical officer adjusted her arm. "Are we done?" She felt absolutely terrible about leaving Kay with Edgeworth and when Gumshoe had come running after them, she had practically face-palmed.
"Just about," the medical officer assured her.
"Does it hurt, sir?" Gumshoe asked quietly, crammed in a chair too small for his large body.
Madeline turned her head so that she could see him without moving her arm. "Yes, Detective, yes it does. Now please be quiet and reflect on how you should have listened to my instructions and stayed back, because if salary mattered at this point, you'd be getting a severe cut."
The detective fell quiet and Madeline immediately felt guilty. Before she could say anything, however, the officer gestured to her that she was finished.
"I guess we should head back, huh, sir?" Gumshoe said, getting to his feet.
"Yes," Madeline agreed. The pair began to w
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AA - The Oldbag Apocalypse, Ch. 10
The two made their way quietly over to the prison entrance while trying not to throw anxious glances over their shoulders. They arrived in front of it, and Kay tried to open the door only to find that it was locked tight.
It was honestly to be expected, but it worried her. What if nobody saw them? What if they were locked out for good?
She could hear the Oldbags collecting just outside the gate, strange whining noises coming from their mouths at the sight of Edgeworth's car. They knew he was here. What if they found a way in? They'd be safe in the prison building itself, but not so much outside.
"How did the others get in?" Kay muttered, knocking on the door loudly. She was well and truly on edge now.
But she hadn't a reason to be. In the next moment, the door swung open, and somebody gasped. "Kay! Madeline! Pals, I'm so relieved you're okay!"
They were both pulled inside, Gumshoe's beaming face welcoming them, and the door was slammed shut. Kay smiled as he hugged her, glad to see her
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The Oldbag Apocalypse - Ch. 9
Everyone slowly climbed into Edgeworth's bright red car, laden down with the rest of the supplies - although there wasn't too much left - and anything valuable from the office. Phoenix had to tug Charley gently away from a sniffling Maya. Gumshoe was carefully folding a map, the most direct route to the prison clearly marked in red.
Standing next to the crowded car were both Madeline and Kay, both looking somewhat grim but trying to put on a smile as they wished the others well. They didn't want to be talked out of doing this at any cost.
Everything was prepared, aside from one tiny thing. Kay had been considering for a while now just what it was they would take from Edgeworth. It had to be something portable, something he often had on him so it would definitely have his scent. Something the Oldbags would recognise.
There was a very clear answer.
"Madeline," she said quietly. "We need to get his cravat. Do you think you could distract him for a moment?" She was trying to keep her tone
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AA - The Oldbag Apocalypse, Ch 8
The atmosphere around the office was all but welcoming the next day.
As the group gathered round to eat what was nearly the last of the food the office contained, a heavy silence covered them. Phoenix, Maya and Gumshoe held their breaths, awaiting any conflict that could arise.
Edgeworth's head remained lowered, avoiding all eye-contact with everybody, particularly the two women who sat across from him. He had no idea what they were thinking at that moment, and didn't really want to find out. He knew the situation was entirely his fault, however still had no clue how to remedy it. For once, logic was failing him.
Kay was trying her best to look alright, but wasn't sure that she was doing too good a job. Seated next to Gumshoe, she wanted to make some sort of conversation with him, but found that she had nothing to say. It still felt like there was a void in her chest, and it was one of the most unpleasant things she'd experienced. What was she supposed to do at a time like this? Trying
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AA - The Promise Ch 5
It came down to seconds.
Gumshoe had really hoped to enter the courtroom without much notice, to somehow discreetly hand Wright the information he'd recovered and – an even bigger miracle – Wright be able to understand his handwriting. Unfortunately, there was no time for that. As he'd walked in, the gavel was in the judge's hand, and the look of sheer disappointment on both the lawyer and his assistant's faces told the detective everything he needed to know.
"Wait!" he yelled. Just like the day before, all eyes turned to him, but this time he was much less concerned about it. "Please, I've found some more evidence, you can't declare a verdict yet sir! This proves what happened!"
He pointedly ignored where Franziska was, eyes locked on Maggey. "Your honour, these files explain everything," he said. "Could we have a recess, just a quick one?"
He was thankful that the judge seemed to appreciate the drama of the situation. However, they weren't given the rece
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AA - The Promise Ch 4
Maggey hated the detention centre.
It didn't matter that she knew the guards on a first name basis from both her time on the force and her frequent visits, or that they acted nicely towards her because of it. It didn't matter that outside its walls was a man who hadn't given up on her.
She'd seen Franziska take Gumshoe off the case. He wouldn't have access to the crime scene any longer, and though his heart was set on it, what could he do? Determination could only get one so far, she'd learned that from experience. But she missed him, more than she thought possible. Part of her hoped he'd visit again.
Hours dragged by so slowly, and there wasn't anything productive to do at all. Maggey was only faced with the dull walls, the uncomfortable bed and the freezing cold floor. The only thing she could do was think, and most times she didn't want to at all. Thinking made her stomach churn.
Yet, a thought had been nagging in the back of her mind from the moment she'd seen the witness take to t
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GT - Steps
One step after another.
It became a chant in his mind as Yomiel walked along the deserted gravel road, the moon hanging high above him as it glowed brightly. The night sky was clear, not a cloud in sight. In the absence of the bright city lights, the stars had a chance to shine, piercing the darkness.
He stopped for a moment, and the small patter of paws on the path behind told him that Sissel was still following, though not quite keeping up. Looking into the sky, he exhaled a breath he'd never needed in the first place, frustration gripping at him.
It was all just so bright and beautiful and so goddamn breath-taking to an ordinary person, to the real Yomiel who still had to exist somewhere. So why then did it do nothing to shine on the disgusting darkness inside him, to stir some emotion of belonging in the world, a sense of fondness for being stuck there forever?
He looked at the path in front of him, stretching on and on. He must have been walking
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AA - The Promise Ch 3
Later that day, things took a turn for the worst. Franziska found a witness.
"A software engineer," she informed Gumshoe. "Or, he will be after he takes his final exams. He was at the library to go through his notes in peace, however he still found the noise too distracting to his study. While looking for a quieter area, he saw Miss Byrde out the back of the building, locked in a fierce battle with the victim. Not three seconds later, she was pushed. That was when her head was cracked against the brick wall." The prosecutor looked smug as she gestured to the notes around her. "It fits everything perfectly. Minutes later, Miss Byrde ran back into the library, panicking and saying how a woman was dead outside before she fainted."
The detective looked at her pleadingly. "That's it, sir? There's nothing that could point to anything else?"
"Would I be willing to present this if it wasn't perfect, Scruffy?" She pulled out a form from her desk, scribbling away. "He will be testifying tomorrow
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It's Sissel! by charcargo It's Sissel! :iconcharcargo:charcargo 9 8
AA - The Promise Ch 2
Things went downhill the moment Gumshoe arrived back at the station.
As he'd hoped, a new file lay on his desk. A quick flick through told him that he was assigned as the detective to the case, and his spirits lifted. That meant full access to the crime scene and other information; he'd know everything that was going on. As his eyes were drawn to who was in charge of prosecuting, his good mood faltered.
He'd really hoped Miss von Karma had returned to Germany.
It seemed like the second he stepped foot in the library, she'd made their positions clear.
"You won't touch anything, Scruffy, not without my permission. You will stay silent unless you have something important – and relevant – to say." Franziska tugged at the whip in her hands, steel gaze set on him. "Miles Edgeworth may tolerate your foolishness, but you know that I will not."
"Sir… Miss…" He wasn't sure what to call her anymore. "This case is really important to me," he finished lamely.
He cleared
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AA - The Promise Ch 1
The Goddess of Misfortune's good luck was yet to be found.
Gumshoe sat on one side of the large pane of glass, staring helplessly at the woman on the other. He longed to say something, to tell her to hang in there because it'd all be alright in the end. She'd get through, as she always had, and then her luck would turn around.
Looking at the state of her however, he knew those words would be useless. Her hands were covering her eyes, though it was clear they were damp with tears. Her newest uniform – that of a librarian – was not in its usual cheery state. The white shirt was crumpled, flecks of dirt present along the sleeves, and the red feathers that usually decorated her personage were askew, looking as though the slightest movement could topple them to the ground.
Her glasses sat on the bench in front of her, lenses cracked and threatening to fall out any second.
"Maggey," Gumshoe said quietly, hand touching the glass.
The one in question did nothing in response.
"I'll work out wha
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AA - Calling Cards by charcargo AA - Calling Cards :iconcharcargo:charcargo 3 2
AA - The Oldbag Apocalypse, Ch 7
It was probably the first time neither the prosecutor nor the defense attorney heard the sounds that usually lay outside the Wright and Co. Law Offices.
There was no pleasant and excited chatter of people as they passed by, not the honking of car horns or ringing of bike bells. All fell silent, and it felt outright wrong.
Edgeworth could tell that questions were on the other man's mind as they lay resting in the living space, both assigned guard duty for the first half of the night. The absence of noise wasn't just present outside the building, and the awkwardness the situation carried was becoming unbearable.
"Out with it, Wright," Edgeworth almost snapped, turning his head towards the one in question.
"Out with what?" the defense attorney replied, feigning innocence.
"Your cross-examination. I know that look on your face, I've seen it enough times in court. Just get it over with."
"Okay, Edgeworth. What did you do?"
"Trust you to ask a question that holds an obvious answer," Edgewort
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Better than cardboard by charcargo Better than cardboard :iconcharcargo:charcargo 7 2



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