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The patrol burst into the main room to find everyone gathering supplies for the dangerous mission. Phoenix and Maya were packing food, Madeline was shoving other things into a smaller bag with her one good hand, a sturdy-looking coil of rope hanging from her broken arm, and Edgeworth was standing in the corner with an unreadable expression on his face, watching the proceedings. They all looked up sharply as the trio entered, out of breath, faces pale.

"Did you find anything?" Madeline asked, her gray eyes widening as she took in the group's dishevelled state.

"Y-yes, but-" Ema began, but she couldn't seem to get the rest of the words out. Her eyes looked haunted by what she'd just witnessed.

"Great, so we can leave tomorrow morning," Madeline said firmly, including Edgeworth in her gaze as she continued packing her bag.

"No, Madeline." Kay had recovered herself faster than the other two. "We need to go now."

"N-now?" Edgeworth repeated faintly from the corner, his face turning almost as pale as those of the patrol's.

"If we wait until tomorrow, they're going to be here, in the prison," she explained. "As we speak they are climbing the gate, and who knows how long it will take them to get in? They're multiplying, they're mad, they're more advanced… now. We need to go now."

"Wait, what happened out there?" Phoenix asked in confusion. "Did they smell Edgeworth on you?"

Ema's hands twisted together, and she was barely able to make eye contact with anybody. "N-Not at first, no… but then… I-"

"Look, pals, that's not exactly important right now," Gumshoe piped up from behind the girls. "What is important is getting out of here now, or none of us are going to be alive to tell this story later."

The harsh words from the detective caused everyone to spring into action, gathering the supplies and preparing to leave.

It felt like something out of a nightmare. One minute, they were calmly discussing the plan as some far off event they'd have to deal with later, and the next it became an instant reality, something that needed their attention right then and there. The plan was vague, too vague to spark any confidence within them, and as all stepped outside, they felt nothing but grim at the events that were about to come.

It was no longer an adventure.

Edgeworth in particular was pale, shaking without any sign of stopping. At the sight of the vicious Oldbags, who only got more worked up at the sight of him, he let out a small cry.

"No backing out now, sir," Gumshoe said sadly. "We either do this, or it's all over, so you may as well try."


"Mr Edgeworth, we're probably going to need five minutes to get everything ready up there," Kay informed him. "So, if we all go and leave you here, and then you sprint up there later-"

"H-Hey, pal! We can't leave him on his own, he'll get eaten alive!" Gumshoe protested. "I'll stay too!"

Madeline glanced at him. "Alright, you can stay, but you'd better hurry to the meeting point. We're going to need you down there to pull him up."

Edgeworth fidgeted uncomfortably, feeling the rope already tied to his waist. All he would have to do before the fateful moment was dangle the spare end down to his comrades in the pipe and they would pull him to safety. Simple in theory, yet far more complicated when he assessed all the risks of failure.

Everybody bade him a quick goodbye before they ran forwards, opening the gate to join the outside world. Making sure it was securely shut behind them, they all sprinted. Though the Oldbags gave them intrigued looks at first, they soon stared back at the real Miles Edgeworth, knowing that he was what they really wanted.

The five minutes he spent waiting for the group to be out of range were the longest minutes of Miles Edgeworth's life. Even the usually-oblivious Gumshoe looked on edge as he stared at the sea of faces in front of them.

Edgeworth couldn't draw his eyes away from one particular Oldbag that had definitely made impressive progress up the gate. He choked back his fear the best he could as he saw it reach the top, jumping down with no hesitation. Suddenly, they were well and truly invaded; there was no escape.

It approached them gradually, hand extended and eyes blazing with… happiness? It wasn't a nice happiness however, but one that made them cringe. Oldbag was pleased for all the wrong reasons.

"Whippersnapper!" she hissed, looking directly at Gumshoe before she looked upon Edgeworth. "Edgey-poo… is mine!"

To the prosecutor, he couldn't think of a worse way to die. His life seemed to flash before his eyes as the badger got closer and closer, making strange kissy noises and laughing in a way that was far from natural.

As Edgeworth was standing frozen in horror, Gumshoe acted without warning. He tackled the terrifying creature, yelling "Go, Mr. Edgeworth, go!" He landed in a heap with the Oldbag, successfully pinning it down.

Edgeworth wasted no time running out the gate, but he soon regretted it. The zombie-like creatures were everywhere. There was no time for a glance at the map Madeline had drawn him. They were already starting to swarm. Casting a glance back at Gumshoe, he hesitated for just a moment before realizing that the man would be able to handle the situation far better than he; there was nothing he could do but run and complete the plan, as had been decided.

Eventually Gumshoe caught up and began to lead him down the paths of least resistance until the spot came into view. Maya was still lowering herself into the pipe. But what scared Edgeworth more was the shapes coming into view behind the spirit medium.

"Maya, look out!"

Maya turned and shrieked a warning to the people below, but it was too late. She was swamped in a sea of pink as a fair number of the badgers threw themselves into the pipe.

It was all very, very quiet for a while. Of course, it wasn't actually among the piercing, satisfied screeching of the Oldbags, but time seemed to stop, the situation freezing.

It was over. There wasn't a possible way for them to get out of it. They'd ran, they'd fought before, but it couldn't keep going like that and they were fools to think otherwise. There were too many of them, it was-


The cluster of Oldbags was pushed away from Maya suddenly and roughly, and Edgeworth had to step back. But how? Maya wasn't weak, but surely she couldn't have done that on her own. And then he saw it; one person who always had a habit of turning things around.

Mia Fey wasn't looking impressed with the situation as she continued to shove the Oldbags away, evidently setting aside her confusion for later.

"I won't ask what the hell's going on right now, Mr Edgeworth," she said upon catching sight of him. "But as long as I'm fighting off these things for Maya, I'd feel useful if you'd continue on with whatever you were doing instead of standing there."

"R-right," Edgeworth replied shakily, crossing with difficulty to the edge of the abyss. The Oldbags gave him enough space to move and maintained a half circle that was just far enough to not be shoving him. "Detective, get down there and help them, please," he requested as he saw Gumshoe approaching.

Giving a hasty salute, the detective did as he was told, helping Mia fight off the last of the Oldbags before disappearing himself, pulling the manhole cover over them.

Turning back to the chasm, Edgeworth tried to avoid looking down as he could feel the Oldbags approaching him, their chanting starting again. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up straight, a shudder rocking its way through him.

This was it. They had one chance at this plan, and he couldn't made any mistakes. He had to make sure every single Oldbag was intent on following him, and there was only one way he could think of making it happen.

"I… I will…" He swallowed, forcing the words through his lips. It was the only way, he reminded himself. "I will… ask whoever is most dedicated to me, and will demonstrate it by following me no matter where I go…"

He again had to pause, not liking the interest they were showing. Their voices had died down in curiosity to catch every last one of his words.

"I-I will ask for their hand… in marriage."

And in that second, the sounds of pure excitement he heard would scar him for the remainder of his life, though among it he was certain he could hear uncontrollable laughter coming from underneath him. He'd never be allowed to forget this moment, provided they all made it through this.

"Ready?" he called, and upon hearing a positive reply from both his allies and the monsters he was trying to rid them of, he took a step back, only to run and jump.

For a second, he could see everything. The vast nothing in front of him, the ruined city, and as he turned his head back, the swarm of Oldbags that were now running to follow him.

But it wasn't all of them. His eyes widened, and he suppressed the urge to scream as he saw some of the smiling badgers tear off the manhole cover, jumping inside. As he began his descent downwards, all he could hear was the yelling and crying that did not belong to himself, nor did it belong to the Oldbags.

The rope became slack.

And that's when Miles EdGEworth kNew it wAs The en
The Oldbag Apocalypse - Ch. 13
First chapter:…
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A/N: Hello everyone! DianaGray here! Many apologies for the long LONG break, but there's, you know, real life stuff to take care of. We both happened to be reading this story at the same time and decided that we NEEDED to finish it. So what'll happen next…? Well something's going down, that's for sure. It's going to be a wild ride. Enjoy!
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How goes it, guys?
I've been completely and utterly MIA from this sight lately, I know. I don't really have a reason? Pure laziness and lack of motivation I guess. Though, even though I suck at it, I'd like to start drawing a bit more. I've slowly been getting back into writing too, so it'd be nice to upload some more of that. I have time, since I'm on break for two weeks now.
I'd love to talk to some of you again as well.


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Hey guys, my name's Clide. Not my real name, but if you were gonna call me anything then please, call me Clide.

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My favourite character is Kay Faraday~ I am the founder of the only fanclub for her on deviantart! :iconkayfaraday-fanclub:


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