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Look, it's pretty clear that I'm not active here at all anymore. Considering deleting because I don't think this account reflects who I am as a person (and erasing all evidence of my middle school years seems like a good plan). If you'd like to keep in touch, shoot me a private message and I'll give you my tumblr.
"Young master."

Ciel Phantomhive's eyes shot open immediately, observing the scene around him with curiosity before letting out a loud sigh. Closing them again, he tried to remember the dream he had been having before he was awoken. It was a strange one at that… somehow he'd felt trapped, almost as if he was in a small confined space for a long period of time. He shook his head, trying to relieve himself from the drowsiness. No, he was just being naïve. Just because it wasn't the first time he'd had the dream, it didn't make it have any meaning.

Watching him from the doorway was his butler. Dressed in the same attire as usual, he looked at the young Earl with something that an outsider would have taken as concern. But Ciel knew him better than that.

Sebastian Michaelis only cared about one thing; his young master's soul. It was the reason the demon was standing there on that day, playing the role of the superb butler.

"I'm terribly sorry to wake you, master, but a letter came for you earlier," the demon said. "Had I known you were sleeping, it could have waited until later on this evening."

"I wasn't sleeping," Ciel denied. "I was just… oh shut up, won't you?" He snapped when he saw a smirk appear on Sebastian's face.

He handed the young Earl the letter, the Royal symbol clearly on the seal. "As you wish, master."

Ciel opened the letter, looking over its contents quickly. He groaned, placing it back into the envelope. Sebastian looked at him curiously.

"The Queen wishes for me to look into a set of robberies that have been occurring in London lately," He explained. "Hardly a job for a noble… is the Scotland Yard good for anything these days? She should be letting me investigate something more important, like the disappearances of members of the police force recently. Doesn't she think I'm capable?"

"It would appear not."

"Oh well," Ciel mused, "as the Queen's Guard Dog, it is my duty to follow her commands. I may as well get it over and done with, I suppose. I was planning to go into London regardless today; this will be nothing more than a quick detour." Sebastian raised an eyebrow; his young master hadn't told him of any plans for that day.

"Might I enquire as to where you were planning on going?" he questioned. Ciel looked at the demon's amber eyes for a few moments before replying.

"To visit Madam Red."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Are you sure about this, master?" Sebastian asked. "For all we know, the Madam may be on travels, perhaps we should call first?" Ciel sighed, looking out the window of the moving carriage.

"I see no need," He replied simply. "We are heading to London already; if she's not there, she's not there. Besides, when has she ever called me ahead of time to warn me of her arrivals? I haven't seen her for quite a while now, not even when we were investigating the human body combustion case. Whether I like it or not, she's my aunt. I need to spend some more time with her before…" He trailed of, avoiding the demon's gaze.

Before I devour your soul, Sebastian said to himself, a small smile suppressed inside him. He had been so close the first time; before a certain spider butler interfered… he wasn't going to let Ciel's soul escape him again. If only the boy knew.

They soon after arrived in London, leaving the carriage parked outside the Scotland Yard. Sebastian helped his young master out, looking around him. The sun was about to set; night was quickly approaching. There was nobody else in the street except for themselves and a man and woman nearby. They were about to enter the building, but not before a small shriek was heard.

"Get off me!" a shocked voice rang through the air. "Oh God, somebody please help me!" Sebastian and Ciel turned their heads just in time to see a woman pushed roughly to the ground, then a man run in the opposite direction while clutching an item tightly.

"Sebastian!" Ciel said fiercely, placing his hand to his eye patch and turning to his butler. "This is an order; follow that man and catch him!"

"Yes, my lord," The demon replied, giving a quick bow before disappearing from sight. Ciel sighed, making his way towards the woman. The least he could do was help her up.

"Excuse me, miss? Are you alright?" he enquired politely. The woman got up shakily, her face turned away from him. She was silent. "Miss? Are you injured?" Ciel asked again. The woman shook her head, still not responding. Ciel began to lose his patience. It wouldn't be too much to ask for an answer, would it? "Are you su-"

"Oh, shut up!" She snapped, her voice unusually gruff for a woman's. "I'm not injured, but you will if you don't shut that little trap of yours!" To Ciel's surprise, he was grabbed roughly by the neck, being pulled up into the air. The woman's bonnet slid off slightly, revealing her true face.

Or his true face.

"You… bastard!" Ciel spat, thrashing about violently in a feeble attempt to be let free. The grip on his neck tightened, causing a few black dots to appear in his vision. He began to feel lightheaded. "Who the hell do you think you are?" he said with the last of his strength. "I am-"

"Ciel Phantomhive," The man finished. "I've done my homework, brat. You're the Queen's precious Guard Dog, aren't you?" He put his hand over the young boy's mouth, pulling him into a nearby alleyway.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sebastian had the man cornered.

There was no escape for him now. He'd managed to remove the weapons from him (a pistol and dagger); now it was only a matter of knocking him out and bringing him back to the young master.

"W-what… b-but how…?" the man stuttered, backing away into farthest corner he could. "No ordinary p-person could have… I-I-"

"Think whatever you wish," Sebastian invited, "but I am only one hell of a butler." He picked up the lid of a nearby trashcan, deciding that it would do the job nicely. The man quivered with fright, covering his face with his arms.

"Please don't hurt me!" he pleaded. "I-I'm only an accomplice, I s-swear!" Sebastian sighed, lowering down the trashcan lid slightly.

"Humour me, then," The demon suggested. "But I advise you keep it short, my young master and I are behind schedule enough as it is."

"The Earl Phantomhive… he is the real victim in this case, I swear! Y-yes, I've been the one stealing from people, b-but I was doing it under orders! W-well, I was already stealing before Robert made m-me, but-" Sebastian sighed, deciding that if he was ever going to get a word of sense out of the man, he would have to apply some pressure to the situation.

He reached into his tailcoat pocket, pulling out the man's pistol from earlier on. He pointed it straight at the culprit, giving him an ice cold stare at the same time. He felt his eyes flash from one colour to another, making the man yelp.

"You have fifteen seconds," he said in a somewhat pleasant manner, "to tell me what business your boss has with my young master. Would I be correct in saying that your little robberies have something to do with the recent disappearances of members from the Scotland Yard?"

The man was sweating bullets by now, however he began almost immediately. "Yes! He's going to kill him!" he said quickly. "The robbery… it was a distraction! Robert Bishop, he has been blackmailing me, making me work with him. At first I was really robbing people, but as more advanced members of the Scotland Yard were put onto the case, the robberies became fake! Whenever we passed one of the investigators on the streets, we'd play out the robbery again. I would run away, and the noble would usually send his men after me, as what happened today. I'm fast, they never catch me. Except for now. As they help the 'woman' up, he would do the job. Shoot them, I mean."

Sebastian sighed, wondering why the Earl's life couldn't be a little less complicated for once. Most people he formed a contract with were a lot easier to handle than this. "So your boss was planning for my young master to be his next target? How did he get the information needed to find out who would next be put on the case?" he enquired.

"He works f-for the Queen. He h-has access to those sorts of things, it's the only reason he took up the job. He has a grudge against her, so he's taking out people that work in the Queen's name," The man spluttered, trembling violently.

Sebastian nodded. "Well, I thank you for the information," He said politely. "It seems two cases have been solved today." Before the man could say another word, Sebastian threw the gun down, hitting him squarely in the forehead and knocking him unconscious.

Sebastian calculated the distance from where he was to the Scotland Yard. He soon figured out that, if indeed there had been a gunshot, he would have heard it. He still had time.

"That was a very entertaining performance, Sebby!" A voice said from behind him, full of admiration. "For a few seconds there I thought you were actually going to shoot him, even though he isn't down for his soul to be harvested." Sebastian turned around in disbelief; however he wasn't at all surprised to see a red-headed grim reaper standing nearby, gazing at him in awe.

"Grell Sutcliff," He said, nodding stiffly.

The reaper smiled, revealing all of his white, sharp teeth. "You're looking stressed, Sebas-chan!" he said in a sing-song voice. "Do you need me to give you a massage?"

The demon rolled his eyes in a disgusted way; trust the only person to truly appreciate him to be a complete… well, there wasn't really a word to describe what Grell was. He might actually like the reaper, if he wasn't so flamboyant, energetic and persistent that they were lovers all the time. "I'm terribly sorry, but I'll have to decline your kind offer." He said, glancing at his timepiece. At this rate they would never be home in time for dinner.

Grell's face fell. "Really? Where are you heading for, Sebby?" he asked, latching on to Sebastian's arm tightly.

The demon supressed a sigh. "To fetch my young master. It seems he's gotten himself in a bit of trouble, I'm afraid."

Grell's eyes flashed with excitement. "So I've heard. It seems I'm headed in the same direction." He quickly opened his ledger, scanning through the list of names on it. "Ah, Robert Bishop. To be stabbed in the heart at exactly 6:57 today by a demon, in an alleyway near the Scotland Yard building."

"Why do I sense a feeling of déjà vu?" Sebastian asked sarcastically.

Grell winked, putting his face closer to his Romeo's chest. "I've requested that most of my jobs be here in London, you know," He explained lazily, putting away his ledger in one of his pockets. "I've been hoping to catch sight of you, Sebby!"

Sebastian groaned, deciding that he should save Ciel as soon as possible. Maybe that way he would be free from the shinigami sooner. Besides, it was getting dark rather quickly. "Come then, Grell. We'd best go and harvest this soul of yours,"

Grell grinned, again showing his sharp teeth. "I'm right behind you, my dear Sebas-chan~!" he announced joyfully.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Robert Bishop threw Ciel to the ground, wondering how to dispose of him. Unlike all the other incidents, the only opportunity he would have had to capture him would be when he was making his way in and out of the Scotland Yard's building. Which means, should he shoot him, the police would hear the gunshot and would immediately come to investigate. Unfortunately, there was no way to moving Ciel faraway enough without attracting attention either.

Robert cursed, throwing off the bonnet that had disguised him well. Ciel began to stir on the ground, his senses slowly coming back to him. He sat up, looking around in confusion for a few moments before realizing the situation he was in. He looked up at Robert, disgust clearly shown in the one eye that was visible.

"I honestly don't see the point in kidnapping members of the police force… or the Queen's Watchdog," He admitted. Robert was surprised; he had expected the child to show a little fear, to perhaps give a yelp in shock once he realized the position he was in.

But it wasn't so. Ciel Phantomhive stood strong, almost as if the situation didn't bother him; like he had a ticket out of it.

Could his reputation speak the truth?

Robert realized that he was getting side tracked. Looking at the young Phantomehive in the eyes, he leaned in closer. "Oh, trust me. I'm doing much more than just kidnapping them," He said with a hint of darkness in his voice. To his surprise, Ciel shrugged.

"I don't really see the point in killing them, either. What do you gain from it, exactly?" Robert lost his cool at that comment. That brat… he had no idea what he was speaking of.

To Ciel's mild shock, he was punched in the stomach. A searing, burning sensation spread through him like fire, and he couldn't resist yelping out in pain for just a second. He collapsed to the ground once more, wondering if Sebastian had caught the other man yet. He sighed, touching the eye patch over his right eye.

"Sebastian… kill this creep." He muttered, knowing that his faithful servant would hear him. It was only a matter of time now.

Meanwhile, walking the streets of London with a rather stubborn reaper holding onto his arm tightly, Sebastian heard the order; now all he had to do was respond. He smirked, letting out a low chuckle before making his way quickly to where he sensed his master was, closely followed by a frantic, red-headed accomplice.

Robert dug his hand into his pocket, and was confused to feel a small, smooth object inside. He took it out, realizing that it was a pocket knife. His surprised look turned into a devious one; why hadn't he thought of it before?

Lifting Ciel up from his collar, he produced the largest knife from the selection. It would only be one short stab… then he would be dead.

"Are you going to kill me, now?" Ciel asked, looking up at the man.

"You wouldn't understand… you… you brat!" Ciel looked up, noticing that the man's eyes were completely bloodshot. He was mad. "The Queen… she thinks she's so loyal to her country! She abuses her power, corrupting everything around her... poisoning it until she's happy. She was responsible for the fires in London, I know it! But since I cannot kill her to make her pay for what she's done, I'm going to kill all those who side with her instead!"

Ciel let out a laugh, shaking his head in amusement. "That's your excuse for revenge? It's almost as pathetic as your reason to live; meaningless, repulsive… questionable, even."

Robert's hands began shaking as he stared at the Earl, unable to believe his ears. "Y-you…" he said, the grip on his knife tightening, "how… d-dare!" He gave up on words, instead he drew his hand back, thrusting it toward with as much force as he could.

"I'd be careful if I were you. Knives are dangerous, after all," A new voice rang through the air. Ciel looked up, pleased to finally see his butler next to the criminal, holding the knife so it couldn't reach forward enough to pierce his skin. Sebastian looked at him, bowing his head slightly. "I'm terribly sorry I was late, master. I had… a bit of a problem." He gestured to where the shinigami was standing, observing the scene almost in amazement.

"You ran into your friend again, Sebastian?" Ciel asked, rolling his eyes.

Sebastian smirked. "I'd hardly call him that, my lord." In the background, Grell spun around in glee, blowing a kiss.

Robert continued to look around in a daze. Sebastian pushed him over, throwing the knife aside and picking up Ciel in his arms.

"Come, master," He said politely. "You ordered me to kill him, I believe? It should be-"

"It was a mistake on my behalf," Ciel interrupted. "I should have considered what the Queen wanted; she ordered me to investigate the matter, not kill the one responsible. I take back the order." Sebastian nodded.

"Very well, then," He said, something nagging at the back of his mind.

It was Grell who brought it up. "But wait!" the Death God protested, once again looking through his ledger. "It says that you were going to kill him at exactly 6:57 today! Don't do this to me Sebby, I need to gather more souls! William's de-promoted me enough as it is, do you really think he'll allow this?"

Somewhere inside him, Sebastian felt a stab of pity for the reaper. Sure, he deserved the blow for killing Madam Red and all the other innocent women. However, he shouldn't have been punished for helping him into the Reaper's library, nor when he couldn't harvest the soul of Mrs Turner. So being de-promoted just because somebody wasn't dead yet? Reapers really were amusing.

"Why should we care?" Ciel asked. "I'm sure there are plenty of other souls out there for you to harvest."

"You don't understand!" Grell said helplessly. "I need this one! I'm not allowed to harvest any souls, except for the ones that are in my ledger!"

"You… won't kill me!" A raspy voice said from behind Grell. Everybody was startled to hear it; they'd almost forgotten about Robert. They thought that when he'd been knocked down, he'd also been knocked unconscious. Grell turned around in surprise, and that's when it happened.

To Sebastian, the whole event seemed to go in slow motion. He watched in a mixture of shock, fear and disbelief as the crazed man leapt forward, clutching the pocket knife he'd retrieved, and plunged it into Grell's chest.
Kuro - Too much Red, Ch. 1
(Please read this before beginning the story.

When I wrote this, I was 14. Or 15, I can't remember my exact age. Either way, I had a lot to learn about the world, and still do though I am a few years older. The reason I am saying this is because, at the time of writing, I scarcely knew the concept of transgender. As such, the story incorrectly labels Grell as he.

In 2015, I recognise now that this comes as insulting and frankly, completely ignorant. Through her consistent use of she/her pronouns, Grell is female. At the time of watching Kuroshitsuji, I took the use of female pronouns as humour from Yana and all else involved with the production of the anime, manga, musicals and all other forms. Regardless of whether or not this was the intention, I now recognise that I was incorrect, and how harmful such mislabelling can be. I am sincerely sorry.

I don't believe that editing the story to reflect on how I have changed as a person is worthwhile. This story encapsulates who I was at the time of writing; and at the time, I was wrong. Trying to erase my mistakes and pretend they never occurred is childish and cowardly. I hope that you as the reader can understand this.

At this point, I'd like to stress how much the fandom has progressed. I was looking through the Grell Sutcliff tag on tumblr the other day, and the large majority of posts correctly labelled her as she. This would not have been the case a few years ago. While we may have a way to go yet, I believe we are on the right path.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.)

Ok, ok, I know I shouldn't be writing fanfiction at the moment and instead editing one of my original stories. Sue me, I gave into temptation. Is that so wrong? I've had this idea in my head while re-watching Kuroshitsuji… it's time to actually write it. It's GrellxSebastian, not sure if that alone qualifies as yaoi, but there's nothing more than a kiss (for now). Also, my first fanfic in the fandom… so it will probably suck. You have been warned! I've tried my hardest not to make it OOC, promise.

Dunno when this is set… somewhere between episodes 3 and 4 of Kuroshitsuji II? Because by then, we've seen a fair amount of Grell and it's before the plot gets really full-on. There are a few minor spoilers for Kuroshitsuji II, but this shouldn't ruin anything major if you haven't already seen it.

Next chapter:

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Look, it's pretty clear that I'm not active here at all anymore. Considering deleting because I don't think this account reflects who I am as a person (and erasing all evidence of my middle school years seems like a good plan). If you'd like to keep in touch, shoot me a private message and I'll give you my tumblr.


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Hey guys, my name's Clide. Not my real name, but if you were gonna call me anything then please, call me Clide.

My (very small) DA family consists of :iconannetje005: Annetje005, I am her dog's brother's owner's uncle's wive's sister's cousin's bestfriend's sister. :iconzulenia: Zulenia has recently joined, becoming my English cousin's awesome daughter.

:iconpotterpenseive: PotterPenseive has also joined, she my sister :D
:iconbloodwolfrose: BloodWolfRose is my little sister :)

Basically, I really love puzzle/mystery games (like Professor Layton/Ace Attorney), namely because mystery is one of my favourite things to read and write. I also love Slenderman. He's a great guy.

My favourite character is Kay Faraday~ I am the founder of the only fanclub for her on deviantart! :iconkayfaraday-fanclub:


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